DarkworX Experimental Adobe After Effects.

This site are an ongoing project and the site for it is estimated to be up latest at late September 2017, possible even before.The Dark WorX site & Videos are an artistic experiment and does not represent my state of mind in anyway, It’s purely experimental worx for my own pleasure and the pursuit of how to make things in Adobe After Effects.Dark WorX are on it’s own sub domain and is targeted mostly for an English spoken audience, and people with interest in Adobe After Effects and the kind of artistic things one gain from using AAE. I’ve tried to make it as a theme for dark, grunge video intros and at the same time provide a visual experience for whom ever may want to look at those intros. I know it can’t be for everyone watching the videos as it is kind of a special genre..

Dark WorX are made with tools from Adobe™ – Among the used tools are Adobe Dreamveawer, Adobe Photoshop, Ilustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder, and Adobe Flash. Tools and other software used among them are. Camtasia Studio, Wondershare Video Converter, Notetab Light some elements outside the ordinary are also being used. Thank you for taking the time to visit my domain, i hope you enjoyed some parts of it. John Grandt 2017.

 NOTE: My After Effects Projects Videos are created using a standard HP Elite Pavilion 2016 Pro, 16GB with Windows 7. Nothing too powerful. Therefore, I can gage if I may be bulking up a Comp too much. However, I would strongly suggest to have at least…….and I mean at least 4GB of RAM in your machine. The 4K Files are clean, crisp and lightweight in terms output and speed. So, as a file, you can work fast and smooth. However, there is some composites in the project that are heavier than normal. So, with that, I would recommend having a good amount of RAM. 4G of RAM is okay, but you will get better work flow speed and faster renders with 8GB or more.Now if you want to get hold in the project and make your own project you can mail me and i will either sell it to you or mail the link to the original author..Please note this is not a cheap! project as it involves a lot of resources you can put to good use in other related projects


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DarkworX 2015 Intro



DarkWorX 2016 Intro

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